Human Resource Risk Management

GALOS&ASSOCIATES, LLC provides consulting services to maximize your business’ single largest investment—your employees. We prevent or solve your human capital problems creatively—the very problems that persist indefinitely without our expertise and specialized assistance. Our human resource risk management services include consulting and implementation, developmental coaching, and training workshops that emphasize personal accountability and self-management.


GALOS&ASSOCIATES works with organizations, teams and individuals that want to work smarter, accomplish more and manage their costs. Our services equal the critical thinking and quality execution you would expect to find in much larger consulting organizations, but your results are delivered without pointless bureaucracy and unnecessary cost. GALOS&ASSOCIATES clients include banking, legal, education, finance, hospitality, consumer products, government, not-for-profits, utilities, healthcare, and other professional, manufacturing and service industries. We would be pleased to supply references.

GALOS&ASSOCIATES assists clients from the beginning to the end of a project with practical consultation, sound counsel, design of employment practices, development of systems, implementation follow-through, and results measurement. Services include:

Competency Development and Assessments

Team-Based Structured Behavioral Employment Interviews

Interviewing Coaching for Senior Executives

360° Feedback and Development Planning

Talent Management and Career Development

Performance Appraisal Systems

Employee Retention Programs

Measurement Processes

Incentive Systems To Reward Behaviors

Rapid Forms Delivery (Employment Applications, Performance Appraisals,
Warnings, Development Plans, and others)

Critical to these services is their transferability: GALOS&ASSOCIATES builds client capability, not consultant dependency. By helping effective people become even more effective, GALOS&ASSOCIATES enhances your organization’s on-going capabilities when time and money are at a premium and thought leadership really matters.


There is an adage about profiting by learning from one’s mistakes, which strikes us as a costly way to learn. Based upon our exceptional business experience, GALOS&ASSOCIATES’ focuses on concrete skills development, helping your executives, managers, supervisors and employees transfer classroom learning to do things differently back-on-the-job … without the pain of costly “lessons-learned” mistakes. GALOS&ASSOCIATES’ workshops are action-oriented, thought provoking, and change-focused. Classic programs customized for each client’s unique needs include:

ACTing© On Diversity

ACTing©Against Workplace Harassment

Structured, Behavioral Interviewing Skills For Executives And Supervisors

Setting Expectations And SVART© Goals

Monitoring Job Performance And Creating Documentation That Works

Delivering Balanced Performance Feedback

Performance Ratings And Appraisal

Delegating For Maximum Job Performance

Performance Coaching For Results

Maximizing Employee Motivation

Lawful Employee Discipline And Termination

Conducting Fast And Fair Workplace Investigations

The Employee Retention Strategy: Career Development

Principles Of Influence And Managing Conflict

Workplace Communications That Work

Employment Law For Supervisors, Managers, and Executives

Employment Law For Human Resources Professionals

Selling Skills That Make A Difference—Listening And Questioning

A Train-The-Trainer process is available to relocate information and ownership to our clients that will create or sustain their competitive advantage while managing their costs.


New Manager Assimilation (NMAP) is a GALOS&ASSOCIATES’ service that assists newly hired executives to successfully and speedily integrate and assimilate into a new organization and deliver results by:

Gaining clarity on performance expectations

Learning organizational culture and norms

Understanding hiring leader's work style and preferences

Building their team

Coaching gives high value employees leverage to get from where they are to where they want to be. Our coaching helps people move into increased positions of responsibility, jump-start a stalled career, and aid in the overall handling of important or difficult business relationships.

GALOS&ASSOCIATES’ one-to-one business services are a deliberate process utilizing focused conversations to provide personalized coaching to help people reach their professional goals. Organizations benefit because they need significant players to discover and capitalize on their strengths, recognize obstacles to success, and identify purposeful action to maximize and sustain performance. We offer different types of coaching including Executive, Professional Development and Transition coaching.

Whether it’s an opportunity for your organization to move forward or a business obstacle to be overcome,
GALOS&ASSOCIATES skillfully addresses the impact with intelligence and sensitivity. The outcome is a partnership between your organization and GALOS&ASSOCIATES to master challenges, manage change, avoid problems, and protect and enhance business reputations.

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